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Are you a skinimalist?

Posted by Teresa Foo on

#skinimalism is the core of our products. Just the essentials for your daily maintenance of healthy glowing skin, prevent clutter (or hoarding) and save your money from buying too many skincare products.

Do we need the 7 or 10 steps skincare regime to achieve healthy glowing skin? Are your skincare products dominating major real estate in your bathroom cabinet or dressing table? Having too many products can be stressful and possibly a burden to us. Most often we end up wasting products that we have yet to finish as we get curious and purchase new ones (we're not taking into consideration sensitive skin for this matter). We want products that give us the best value with efficacy that works to give us healthy glowing skin. That's why we always aim to create multi-functional/multi-purpose products.

Our customers' favourite and mine too – Awakening Skin Tonic, is one such multi-functional product. With a 100% certified organic rose hydrosol (known for its skin softening properties) as the base, we are able to formulate a product that is concentrated in botanicals potency. This is an intense hydrating product that is packed with skin loving botanicals such as adaptogenic Ginseng, Reishi and Shiitake mushroom and Goji berry extracts. These Asian botanicals help to strengthen the skin barrier and keep the skin supple. We also love Niacinamide (vitamin B3) for its cell renewal, even skin tone, regulate sebum production and moisturising properties. 

If there is one product we need (besides cleansers), it will be the Awakening Skin Tonic. Use it after cleansing to prep and hydrate your skin. Fill into a spray bottle and use as an instant facial mist. Add to your clay mask to increase the skincare benefits or simply layer on to give your skin the ultimate hydration boost.

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