Must-have green tea

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Green tea or Camellia sinensis is an all time favourite healthy beverage in Asia. Green tea and it's phytochemicals having positive effects on our health have been widely studied. We consume green tea to reduce oxidation in our body (fights ageing), fight inflammation, lowers risk of heart diseases among many others. Of course an active healthy lifestyle is equally important for promoting good health.

Green tea

When green tea leaf water is used topically, the phytochemicals present in the water showed potential in reducing oxidative stress, regulate sebum production and soothes redness-prone skin. Green tea leaf water are produced by steam distillation and purified to be used in skincare products.

You can find green tea leaf water in our Calming Prebiotics Essence. This product is specially formulated to calm and soothe your skin when it is feeling a little out of balance and is more reactive or sensitive than usual. Using the Calming Prebiotics Essence is almost like your skin drinking it's daily dose of antioxidants from green tea. 

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