Quality vs costs

Posted by Teresa Foo on

Simply put, quality is meeting specifications.

We do not only aim to meet specifications when designing our products, we want to go way and beyond.

For example, we only use 100% organic floral waters in our Awakening Skin Tonic and Fruity Gelly Wash as these are targeted products to address skincare needs. Mixing water with some percentage of floral waters is a common practice in the industry and the top reason is because of lowering costs of goods.

Using quality ingredients may often means higher price tag for consumers. To be honest, all businesses want low costs of goods with high returns. We aim to strike a balance to provide effective products with quality ingredients but at an affordable price. And we are doing that.

We do not want to compromise on quality for lower costs if the ingredients we chose contain more skincare benefits. After all, we are also discerning consumers just like yourself.

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