Skincare lost in translation

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Skincare should be unbiased, apolitical and genderless. Skincare is not about who and what you are. Skincare does not discriminate the colour of your skin.

Ladies with facial mask
Photo by Anna Shvets, pexels.

The meaning of skincare broadly includes things that you do and use to keep your skin healthy and attractive (source: Cambridge English), the use of cosmetics to care for the skin (source: Oxford languages). In short, we use skincare to take care of the appearance of our skin.

Anyone can use skincare and will find skincare useful. The fundamentals of skincare is to be useful to the user and care for the skin. Skincare doesn't care whether you live in a big house or drive a big car. Skincare doesn't care about your marital status. Skincare doesn't care if you live in Asia or Northern Europe.

As long as skincare meets the specifications and the standards of taking care of the appearance of your skin, that is what skincare is all about.  


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