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Skinimalism is the core of our products. Just the essentials for your daily maintenance of healthy glowing skin, prevent clutter (or hoarding) and save your money from buying too many skincare products.

We believe in multi-functional/purpose products. Take our Awakening Skin Tonic for example. This intense hydrating product not only helps to keep your skin looking supple, it 'quenches' thirsty skin and also strengthens the barrier against environmental aggressors. Using only 100% certified organic Rose hydrosol (known for its skin softening properties) as the base for the skin tonic, we are able to give our customers a concentrated product packed with goodness just for your skin.

Use the skin tonic as a toner, fill into a spray bottle for quick face mist, soak a cotton sheet mask and leave on your face for a hydrating facial for 10-15 mins, layer on your face as a serum or add to your favourite clay mask for additional skincare benefits. Sometimes we even use it all over our neck, décolletage, our arms and legs too!

If there is only one skincare product that you need (of course we need our cleansers too), it will be the Awakening Skin Tonic. Intense hydration that your skin needs. That's why it is one of our best selling product.  

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