Squalane for a healthy skin barrier

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Did you know that our sugarcane derived Squalane is a certified microbiome-friendly ingredient?

Balancing Prebiotics oacial oil and Omega Booster facial oil

Our facial oils namely, Balancing Prebiotics and Omega Booster, both contain the sugarcane derived Squalane. The Squalane together with the blend of botanical oils help to support a healthy skin microbiome. It also meant that it does not upset the balance of the microbiome on your skin.

There are so many reasons to love Squalane.
✅ Excellent moisturiser.
✅ Helps the skin to maintain its suppleness.
✅ Softens fine lines and wrinkles.
✅ Facilitates skin barrier repair function.
✅ Fast absorption into the skin.

Most importantly, the production of sugarcane derived Squalane is sustainably and ethically sourced from Bonsucro-certified sugarcane. Bonsucro is a global membership organisation that promotes sustainable sugarcane production, processing and trade around the world. (source: Bonsucro).

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