DIY - Vinaigre de toilette

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Vinaigre de toilette, popular in the nineteenth century or as we commonly know them as cosmetic vinegars are great tonics for our skin. It is usually made with essential oils or macerated with plant materials (dried ones).

Vinegar is a wonderful ingredient as it tones the skin and promotes blood circulation hence giving the skin a more even tone in the long run. It is a great antiseptic and can be used to treat infection on the skin. It can reduce scaly or peeling conditions by dissolving excessive fatty deposits on the surface of the skin. Vinegar also helps to regulate the pH of the skin. Cosmetic vinegars are suitable for most skin but we highly recommend patch testing especially for sensitive skin.

Take a clean mason jar (disinfect with rubbing alcohol or boil in hot water for 5 mins), add 5g each of dried rose buds and lavender flowers and fill up the jar with organic apple cider vinegar leaving a 1cm space between the cover and vinegar. Place the jar near a window for two weeks. Gently twist the jar once a day. After two weeks of maceration, strain and then bottle.

How to use:
Add 1 teaspoon of cosmetic vinegar to a cup of distilled bottled water to wash your face. Never use it neat. Pat dry. Tone and moisturise as usual. 

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