BB Fam Perks

What is BB Fam Perks?

BB Fam Perks is our loyalty program to reward you for having us in your skincare journey! In this program, you will be eligible to earn perks whenever you make a purchase, referrals, reviews, and even sharing your love for us on Instagram.

How do I earn Perks?

You can earn points with the following activities:

  • Sign Up - You'll automatically get 25 perks just by signing up as our new BB Fam member. If you have an existing account, we've got you covered! We have pro-rated your perks with your past purchases from April 2020 onwards. You can check your available perks when you login to your account.
  • Purchases - You'll earn 1 perk for every $1 spent on Balm Botanique.
  • Birthday Perks - As your birthday gift, we will give you with an additional 50 points! 
  • Refer-a-Friend - Give your friends a reward ($10 coupon) and claim your own ($10 coupon) when they complete a purchase of $50 or more. You can refer as many friends as you like! 
  • Reviews - Leave a product review when prompted by our review program, Yotpo, and get rewarded with a 100 perks. One review per week will be rewarded.
  • Social Sharing: Follow us on Instagram and get 5 perks.
  • Return used packaging: Each time when you send used packagings (in relatively good conditions) back to us, you will earn 25 perks. Remember to include your name so that we will know who is the sender.

How do I redeem my Perks?

Click the BB Fam Perks button on the bottom right-hand corner of any Balm Botanique page to be taken to your BB Fam Perks homepage (you need to login). Once there, you can choose to redeem your perks for coupons (in denominations of $5, $10, or $15) for your next purchase. 

Redeem 50 perks for free shipping, 100 perks for a $5 coupon, 200 perks for a $10 coupon and 300 perks for a $15 coupon.

Does my Perks expire?

At the moment, there is no expiry date yet.
I need help with my BB Fam Perks account! Don't worry. Drop us an email at hello@balmbotanique with your questions.