Our Story

Balm Botanique collection

This skincare journey was started in 2014 by Teresa Foo with a goal to provide comfort and relief to her then young son's Atopic Dermatitis skin issue. Her passion had led her to create gentle yet effective skincare using plant-based ingredients. 

Balm Botanique is a natural beauty brand focused on using effective botanical ingredients with well researched actives to create functional plant-based skincare. We believe in creating products that are multi-purpose and you only need the essentials to maintain a healthy skin barrier. Less clutter in your skincare routine and more time spent on other meaningful tasks. 

Our Values

  • Plant-based, Vegan-friendly and cruelty-free ingredients

    The core of our products are plant-based cosmetic ingredients. Naturally-derived and safe synthetics are incorporated for a well-formulated effective product. We also use certified organic ingredients (COSMOS, ACO, USDA) in our products. As a vegan-friendly brand, our raw ingredients and finished products are never tested on animals.

  • Love for Asian ingredients

    As an Asian brand, we are proud to incorporate effective and evidence based Asian ingredients in our products.

  • Strict quality control

    We adhere to strict industry standards where all raw ingredients are lab tested for safety and efficacy. All water-based products are tested for safety at independent labs.

  • Specially formulated for the tropical climate

    Our products are specially formulated for our tropical climate to meet the needs of our customers.

  • Thoughtfully formulated for your skin

    More consumers have identified themselves with having sensitive skin. Our products are thoughtfully formulated with sensitive skin in mind to reduce irritation associated with using skincare.
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    Our Green Story

    We place importance on the origins of our raw cosmetic ingredients with emphasis on sourcing from suppliers and manufacturers who have active roles in the preservation of the environment and eco-system. Our raw cosmetic ingredients especially the certified organic ones are sourced from manufacturers or farms that have met the requirements of the various certifying bodies such as USDA, ACO, ECOCERT and Soil Association.

    We source ingredients that are considered waste in the industry. Our cranberry and raspberry seed oils are made from seeds that are actually by-products from the fruit juice industry. The seeds are collected and cold pressed into oils. We will continue our search for upcycled ingredients to reduce waste.

    We use glass, PET and BPA-free packaging (which are recyclables) for all our cosmetic applications and encourage customers to recycle their used packaging at recycling facilities. We do not issue printed invoices and have opted for an electronic invoice for all customers orders. Your orders are packed with reused/recyclable packagings as we believe in a circular economy. Our products do not come in external packaging to reduce waste. We also actively source recycled/recyclable packagings for our shipping requirements. Plastics, glass and papers used after productions are recycled or reused.

    sustainable packaging

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    Our commitment in giving back to Society

    We contribute regularly to various charity organisations such as Bone Marrow Donor Programme Singapore, Food from the Heart, SPCA and WWF. We have sponsored two girls under World Vision for their education, health and basic needs. We actively work with Fair Trade organisations to supply us with cosmetics ingredients (organic Cocoa and Shea butters).

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      We are proudly a Singaporean owned and Made in Singapore brand.