All our products are formulated and created in-house in our Singapore-based studio. It takes between several months to years to develop any one product from ideation to completion.


A product always begins by answering two questions: why we want to create it and who it is for. We keep a product’s purpose and audience at the forefront of ideation to develop efficient products.

Research and development

With a specific purpose in mind, we research different ingredients to address the issue at hand. This often involves long hours of understanding the chemical composition and topical benefits of each ingredient as it stands alone and works synergistically with other components.


Once we have a formula we are satisfied with, we proceed to handcraft each product. Research, development, and formulation are our iterative stages, meaning we often assess the finished product and go back to the drawing board to see how it can be improved. We also involve human testers after formulating a new product to see how our product performs on a wide range of skin types. Feedback is constantly incorporated into our new formulations to ensure we deliver high-performance products.

Design and packaging

Once a formulation has been finalised, we think about its delivery mode - balms, droplets, sprays etc. - and design our packaging accordingly. We then prepare the product for launch on our online store or at pop-ups.